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Amidst the picturesque vistas of Seymour Township, Ontario sits a rustic home named for the small slopes that hug it: Drumlin Farmhouse. The property was built in the 1830s, and while many of its original charms remain, current owners Andraya Frith and Graham Kechnie have spent the last seven years putting their own modern spin on the property’s sprawling 6,000 square feet.

The most-extensive changes to the house – which acts as their vacation home – took place in the kitchen, where the couple erased a previous renovation by removing an elevator, staircase and the hallway that chopped up the area’s flow. In their place now stands an open-concept kitchen with two options for dining, a camouflaged fridge and a smattering of exposed beams many homeowners can only dream of.

These updates, along with several others the couple has spearheaded over the years, have all been made in service of one thing: creating a space where they can unwind and reconnect with their two daughters and their extended family, far from the rush of city life. “The farm brings a lot of joy to my family and me,” Andraya says, and we hope it does so for decades to come. Scroll down to check out this special home, and enjoy! Garrett

Photography by Andraya Frith

Image above: “We just completed an eight-month major renovation of the kitchen. It was a huge job as the original space was very choppy and included a staircase, hallway and elevator – all of which was removed as part of the renovation to create one big space,” Andraya says. One of the project’s cleverest details is the hidden fridge. It sits to the right of frame in the large cabinet.

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